Raw Natural Pre-Rolled Filter Tips

RAW Pre-rolled Tips are made with natural, chlorine-free paper and carefully cut and pre-rolled following the natural grain fibres. They come in a reusable metal tin case with 100 tips per tin.

These tips are constructed for perfect airflow and great filtration. They also prevent soggy, sloppy or clogging cigarette ends.


Classic Raw Pre-rolled Tips are made from naturally unrefined long fibres and are free of chlorine and chemicals. They’re pressed with fourdrinier paper presses to create a cleaner, smoother tip.

RAW Pre-Rolled Tips come in a convenient matchbox style box with 20 tips per box, and are perfect for on-the-go smoke seshes. They are constructed to have the perfect airflow and great filtration, and are a must have for smokers who want to make their life easier when it comes to rolling!

Wide Tip

If you like a nice, fat roll with a lot of smoke then you’ll love the RAW wide tips. They’re ideal for larger rollies and can be rolled using any of the RAW phat rollers or rolling mats.

They are crafted from plant fibers that are vegan and chlorinated-free, which makes them completely eco-friendly. Each tip has a crisscross pattern that minimises runs and ensures smooth burns. It also comes with a unique outer sleeve that’s printed on eco-craft paper.


RAW has heard your call for a quality smoking experience without the worry of soggy papers or wasted tobacco. These rolled up filter tips are designed to save time, prevent soggy cigarette ends and enhance the smoking experience with their small size and clever design.

These premium quality filters come in a classic RAW counter box to display and dispense your 20 packs. Each tip is made of unbleached plant fibres that provide a pure chemical free smoke.

The most important component is the paper, and RAW’s Connoisseur King-Size Slim rolling paper is a quality roll that burns evenly to produce the best tasting joint on the block. The most impressive fact is that this long paper has been manufactured from environmentally friendly materials. Using the highest grade of unbleached, recycled paper, you’ll get a better taste and burn rate with each and every hit! The most interesting part of this paper is that it is completely chlorine and chemical-free.


One of RAW’s newest patented inventions, these wide pre-rolled tips are the perfect way to get you smoking quicker and for patients who have difficulty holding and rolling up an uncoiling tip. These wide joint filters are made from unbleached, expertly rolled natural paper that drops into the end of any roll up to keep your herbs out of your mouth and provide a solid crutch for great shape and airflow!

These filters also prevent soggy, sloppy, clogged cigarette ends that waste your herbs. They’re constructed for great airflow and filtration, so you’ll get a clean smoke every time!

RAW has a whole line of filter tips, but the RAW Perforated Wide Tips are a favorite amongst smokers. These wider tips are 0.3″ thick, and they’re perforated on the sides to make it easy to create a ‘Z’, ‘V’ or ‘W’ shaped centre for added cooling and filtration.


If you’re looking to stock up on RAW pre-rolled tips bulk, we have you covered. We’ve got a variety of sizes and styles, including the 1 1/4 cones and the wide tips that allow for a bigger roll and a larger smoke.

If your customers enjoy a smooth, clean taste and don’t want their herbs to get stuck in the tip of their rolling paper, these simple pre-rolled tips are perfect for you! These resealable bags are packed with 100 RAW Unrefined Tips and they’re available in six different tins.

These RAW paper filter tips are made from natural, unbleached, and chlorine-free fibers that provide a clean taste while preventing soggy cigarette ends. They’re also a great choice for smokers who don’t want to spend extra time rolling their own filter. They’re even available in pocket friendly matchbox style packs of 21 pre-rolled tips!